Sunday, November 1, 2015

Haunted Paradise success!

Last Wednesday PVHS hosted the Haunted Paradise community event, and the community showed up!  There were lots of elementary and middle school kids participating in all of the club booths.  Our own PVSewcial club hosted a make your own bracelets & necklaces.  We also had our class lanyards for sale!  The Lanyards were a big hit! Looks like we'll be making some more for next year!  We had lots of visitors and the booth was a great success!  

Thanks for all of our volunteers that showed to help with set-up, working the booth and clean-up! Can't wait for next year to be even bigger and better!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bags, bags, bags and more bags!

Great job everyone on finishing up your project drawstring bags!  Now you have something to hold all those projects we will be working on during the year!  I hope you got a chance to show them off to your friends and family!  We spent a lot of time in the lab this week and I think everyone is very comfortable with their machine, that's great!  So comfortable, in fact, that we even had a new super hero show up!  Meet Fashion Girl!  Great job taking all of your newly learned skills and creating something new!

Thinking about getting a sewing machine all your own?  Here are a couple of things to look for when purchasing a new machine for a novice seamstress.

  • make sure it is a regular adult size sewing machine.  You will not want a child's learn to sew type of machine, anything in the $50 and below range is considered a child's learn to sew. 
  • Plan to spend about $75-$125.  A machine in that price range will easily last you 5-7 years and do everything you will most likely need to do.
  • Your machine should be able to do buttonholes and come with a zipper foot.  As long as you are looking an adult sewing machine those two are taken care of!
  • Make sure it uses universal bobbins.  Otherwise they can be quite expensive!  As long as you stay with a Brother or a Singer you will be able to purchase any extra supplies needed for your machine at Walmart, Joannes, or Hobby Lobby for a reasonable price.  Any other names and you may have to purchase items for the specialty sewing stores.
  • In this price range your bobbin will either be top loading or bottom loading,  you may have to spend a couple dollars more to get the top loading like we have in class.
  • If you like to shop at garage sales or Goodwill, you can usually find some nice sewing machines for a great price. One drawback is that they don't always have the owners manuals to go with them.  No problem, that's what Google is for!  They may also need a cleaning.  No problem again!  Bring it in to class and I'll show you how to clean it yourself!
  • Below I've attached some links to sewing machines on  All of these machines would be a great place for you to start!  If you have any questions, let me know!

For $2 more, this one will seem similar to the machines we use in class.

Bobbin is a little different than the ones we have in class, but still a great beginning machine!
Thanks for a great week! I hope you're enjoying learning to sew as much as I'm enjoying teaching you!
Mrs. Leighty

Friday, August 21, 2015

We survived week 2!

Week 2 down!  And what a week it was! We started out the week on Monday with no air, which meant no lab time :(, thanks for being so flexible!  Luckily by Tuesday we were cool again and to the lab we went!  Tuesday night was also our Open House! A special thanks to all the parents who came out to see all the great things you'll be doing this semester.

We finished off the week with 3 completed seam samples.  1 easy and 2 samples that are considered more advanced!  Great job everyone! Your samples look great!  Below is an example of a flat-felled seam sample (ask you student to explain it and tell you why they are used)

Next week we'll spend the majority of our time in the lab. We will be working on our first project of the semester!  We'll be making drawstring backpacks to hold all of our future projects in.  Want a sneak peak?  Go here:

In case you missed the homework for this weekend, below is our assignment.  Please make sure you have your ISN's updated and ready to go!

Thanks for being so willing to learn and trying your best!  I'm having a great time teaching you all to sew! I can't wait to see what great things you'll create!  Have a great weekend! Hope to see you at the football game and at Yogurtini @ 7th St & Bell afterwards! Go Trojans!
Mrs. Leighty

Friday, August 14, 2015

First Friday done!

Yeah! We survived our first week back to school!  Thankfully next week will be much easier as all schedule changes are done and everyone knows where they are going! I hope your first week was a great! Mine was and I'm really excited for this school year.  Our assembly today showcased what an amazing school we have here at PVHS!  You're in a great place!  Below are some pictures from our assembly.

 Love hearing the band play our fight song as we enter the gym! Way to go guys!

"Trojan Jacks" one of our newer traditions here at PV.  Hope to see you all out there in just 7 days after our first home football game! I can't wait!

This week in class we worked on setting up our ISN (Interactive Student Notebooks), went over classroom procedures, toured our sewing lab, and showed our PV PRIDE!  The notebook below is a great example of EXCELLING!
Now that's showing some #PVPRIDE

Thanks for a great week!  Next week we'll spend the majority of the week in the lab learning how to thread our sewing machines and sew a straight, french, and flat felled seam.  Get ready to sew!

If you haven't already, please pay your $20 class fee at the bookstore.  All fees will need to be paid by Friday August 28th.

Thanks for a great 1st week, I'm excited for this semester!
Mrs. Leighty

Friday, July 31, 2015

What is this class fee for anyways?

What are class fees?  All sorts of classes at PV have class fees attached to them. They range anywhere from $10 - $100 depending on the class.  Below are some frequently asked questions about class fees for our fashion class.

Q: Do I have to pay my class fees?
A: The short version is, yes, you do.

Q: What do my class fees pay for?
A: In our Fashion class, your fees pay for fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, interfacing, irons, classroom supplies as well as maintenance on the sewing machines.  Believe it or not, it gets expensive to keep our sewing machines running nicely for us!

Q: When do I have to pay my class fees?
A: It is extremely helpful if you can pay your fashion class fees at walk-thru.  The more fees I have paid ahead of time the quicker I can order our supplies which means we can get into the lab faster and start sewing!  If you cannot pay them at walk-thru, the fees for our class are due by Friday, August 28th.

Q: What happens if I don't pay my fees by Friday 8/28?
A: In our Fashion class that means that all of your projects for the semester will have to be out of our donated fabric not the new, cute fabrics.  I do have to get our orders in early in order for us to have enough supplies to sew with, if you have not paid your fees by August 28th, unfortunately you will miss out on the new, fun fabrics.

Q: What happens if I don't pay any of my class fees?
A: The bookstore will add that amount to your account.  The amounts from all of your classes with fees will be added and will stay on your account until they are paid.  You will want to pay these as soon as possible as you can not participate in the graduation ceremony until all of your class fees are paid.  Don't wait! You don't want to be 3 days away from graduating and owe the school over $1,000!

If you need help with paying your fees or would like to set up a payment plan, we can do that!  Please email me or stop in at the bookstore!

Happy Sewing!
Mrs. Leighty

Fun fact about me... I have a desert tortoise for a pet! Yep! There she is, her name is Lucy and she like to eat everything!

Monday, July 27, 2015

New Classroom format

We've changed up a couple of things in the fashion classroom!  One of our main changes is that we will actually have a regular classroom AND a sewing lab!  All of our classes will start and end in room 30 in the Star Tech building.  Any sewing or "lab days" we will head on over to room 20A in the Star Tech building.

For those of you that have been by the fashion room and peeked in last year, you'll notice that the room has had a complete overhaul!  No, we didn't get new paint at least not this year :(, but we have rearranged the tables and sewing machines!  Hopefully this will help make the classroom flow easier!  And, we've even go some great looking bulletin boards! I can't wait for you all to see it!