Monday, July 23, 2018

Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome to Fashion class!

My name is Mrs. Leighty and I will be your teacher for Fashion 1-2.  I hope you’re as excited as I am about all there is to learn about the world of fashion! From how to sew, how to design clothing, how to use the color wheel and how to market your fashion creations. We are going to touch all of those this semester!

If you’d like to beat the crowds at Walmart and get your class supplies now, you will need: 1 - one subject spiral bound notebook, 3-5 glue sticks, & a package of colored pencils.  We’ll be using the colored pencils a LOT, I recommend crayola.  They seem to last the longest and color the best.

Our class also has a $20.00 lab fee.  Your lab fee covers our fabric, notions, and sewing machine maintenance costs.  You can pay your fee at the bookstore in-person or online.  If you would like to have access to the newest fabric for your projects, your fee will need to be paid by August 28th.

Our class and our Fashion Club, know as PVSewcial club, are also on social media! We have a blog, class website, Instagram, and twitter account.  Below is all of the information, please follow us!

Twitter: @PVSewcialclub
Instagram: Pvsewcial

Enjoy your last days of summer!  If you have any questions before school starts please feel free to email me at:

See you August 7th!
Mrs. Leighty