Friday, August 12, 2016

8/12/16 Lesson plans

Thanks for a wonderful first week of school!  I'm excited for this semester!  I hope everyone enjoyed our PRIDE Assembly today, what a great showing of PV PRIDE!

Get ready on Monday we hit the ground running! Next week we'll be using our student blogs, I'll be introducing our famous designer series, and you'll learn how to thread the sewing machine!

Thanks for a fantastic first week of school!

Lesson Name
Day 4
**Assembly Schedule**
By the end of class you will have a basic understanding of how to thread a sewing machine and how a sewing machine works.
What does PRIDE stand for?
-create cover for you ISN
-create your blog for fashion class
pay class fees at bookstore!
Go check out our class blog at:
Follow us on twitter at: @pvsewcialclub
visit our website at:
CTE Stds.
1.1, 1.5,9.2

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